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Getting started in LEATHERCRAFT – Choosing Leather

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  1. thank you for sharing your ideas on how to choose leather because I'm planning to start making a project made of leather 👍 new subscriber here Men 🙂

  2. I have found that some leathers tend to tarnish my sterling silver fountain pens, and the tannage makes a big difference, but I haven’t tested all of my leathers to see what tarnishes more. Do you happen to know? Thanks,Tom KC3QAC

  3. U r the best . I'm trying to get my 11 years old daughter to like this hobby.. and u r making things much easier..
    From Syria.. thx brother

  4. do you have any recommendations on online courses to learn leather making for beginners ? or a video on the path you took to get there ?

  5. What do you do to keep the leather in good condition until it's used? Like if it's a type you don't use often and it's been sitting there for a long time.

  6. Nicely explained … but it will be useful if u specify units considered globally accepted standards like millimetres etc..anyway I love ur videos …love from India 🇮🇳

  7. I am starting with buying leather scraps. I am finding that a lot of the scraps are beautiful but I have noticed some have fur or hair on one side. Kinde of like the inside of gloves. I am trying to start with keychains, wallets and so on. I have also heard that chrome tanned leather is bad for knife sheaths. They said because the chrome in the tanning will corrode the knife.

  8. Hi brother thanks for the video and i learn many thing from your video and i like your way that how you make your videos like professionally. One thing i have still confused about the thickness of leathers you are using for different products, i mean the thickness please mention how many "mm/cm". Thanks a lot brother always i am following you…

  9. When you say ounce shouldn't you be talking about weight or volume not thickness(length) I'm confused because when I try to convert ounce to European metric system I get it's 28 grams or 29.54 cubic centimeter ???

  10. Excellent, straight forward, well articulated…. loved it and I got the Skillshare 2 month subscription… hopefully I like it… only $99/year! ($8.25/month)

  11. The grades you speak of are a myth.

    Full Grain: Just means nothing has been done to alter the outer most layer of the leather. This method preserves more of the “natural character” of the leather.
    Top Grain: Technically speaking (from a tannery perspective), full grain leather is top grain leather, because at it most basic, top grain refers to the top layer that’s been split from a hide (everything that’s not suede). When you get in finished products, generally, when you see “top grain” in a description, the leather has been sanded/corrected (like nubuck) or embossed.
    Genuine Leather: Genuine means real, that’s it. It’s very similar to using the word “wood” when talking about furniture: the vast majority of “wood furniture” you can buy today is particle board, but that doesn’t mean all “wood” furniture is particle board or low quality. It can be applied to everything from cheap particle board, to ply-wood, to high-end exotics. Within the “grades of leather articles” the leather they describe as “genuine leather” is actually a specific type of split leather called a “finished split”.

  12. My 11yo wants a cowboy satchel, I'm going to attempt making it with fake leather. I need a simple pattern for Arthur s in red dead redemption:)

  13. Love the info thanks for sharing I went from knowing nothing to knowing nothing but having ideas to build from really appreciate it

  14. Mate this is THE best video I have come across so far on the topic. Took notes. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Can you tell us once more the name of the company that produces your makers marks. I cant seem to find that video. Much appreciated.

  16. You are inspiration for me, I started my own brand with local craftsmen skillshare. I choose the design and they make it and I promote genuine leather online selling…

  17. thank you boss, you give me great knowledge and clear my many concepts, there is one question? please tell me in this video you use the term ounces for thickness. can you tell me in millimeters please