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20 easy recipes from around the world

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In a time when much of the world is facing lockdown because of the coronavirus pandemic, unable to see family and friends in person, many of us are turning to food for comfort. Different dishes are considered comfort food worldwide, but they’re all typically high in sugar, fat, and salt. These flavors are key in not only making us feel happy but also in solidifying these dishes in our memories. Twenty people from different cultural backgrounds shared what their favorite comfort food is and what it means to them, and we looked at how their dish of choice is made.

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  1. Bro all I see is just Indian people trying to fit it in somewhere because it wasn't included in the video lol

  2. i dont even know what mine would be, im a picky eater and have a geographic tongue so findimg food that i like is hard

  3. Let me guess how many of these people are American: 99%. Race is an illusion that establishment wants you to embrace and deny all others. Stay free out there.