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Seven Best Fresh Games you can Play In December 2022

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00:00 Best New PC Games Coming in December 2022
01:25 Predecessor (PC) – December 1
03:29 The Callisto Protocol (PC, PS, Xbox) – December 2
05:23 Marvel’s Midnight Suns (PC, PS, Xbox) – December 2
07:06 Paragon: The Overprime (PC) – December 7
09:09 Crisis Core – Final Fantasy 7– Reunion (PC, PS, Xbox, Switch) – December 13
10:05 The Settlers (PC) – December 31
11:30 Warhammer AoS: Soul Arena (PC,) – December 30

More Games:
12:51 Dwarven Skykeep (PC) – December 1
13:04 Warhammer 40,000: Shootas, Blood & Teef (PC)
13:10 Need For Speed Unbound (PC, PS, Xbox) – December 2
13:26 Hello Neighbor 2 (PC, PS, Xbox) – December 6
13:42 Choo-Choo Charles (PC) – December 9
13:49 High on Life (PC, Xbox) – December TBD

13:55 Thanks for watching!

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  1. Apparently I missed Dwarf Fortress? RIP
    I thought for sure that game's been out for ages, that's why it didn't even register. But yes, Dwarf Fortress is out now. Great game from what I've heard.

  2. Okay so crisis core remake? Amazing. The settlers looks like somthing ive been waiting for since frozen throne.

  3. Regarding what you said about predecessor, they are not trying to remake the game as it was before. They have their own vision for how the game should play and from what I’ve seen and played it is very enjoyable and made significant improvements over paragon already!

  4. Why no Star Citizen?! 😕
    It may just be an alpha and really far from release, but it already has more to offer than most other games.

  5. Paragon was dull. A really shiny game with awesome hero trailers that played like molasses.
    Warhammer auto-battler eh? 🤔
    EDIT: Oh god it's Age of Shitmar, no thanks…

  6. Ubisoft making settlers and making it closer to RTS gives me hope that someday theyll make Warlords Battlecry 4 someday

  7. Boy did Settlers changed since their very first release by the Blue Byte in the 90s. Back then it wasn't really a city builder, nor time strategy really, but it had a lot of resource management with a pinch of what we call today colony builder. Back then it was a technical marvel as PCs were usually strugling to have that many 2D sprites on the screen simultaneously but Settlers was rooning real smooth. And this what Ubisoft is doing is just cashing on the title – it lost it's charm.

  8. From what Glen the lead Dev said the season pass death animations are all extra things that they haven't even started work on yet so they aren't holding back content at all

    they are confident enough in the games success that they want to make DLC and stuff for the future and I have full faith in his team thier passion and talent is as clear as day

  9. I hope midnight suns flops and these bastard devs realize that they messed up with STUPID CHANCE DRIVEN CARDS! Then they’ll get fired like the devs of saints row remake. LISTEN TO YOUR AUDIENCE AND CONSUMER!!

  10. I almost always end up adding something to my wishlist after these videos. Definitely got my eye on Paragon: The Overprime!

  11. Check out IXION, coming out Dec. 7th on Steam. Supposed to be FrostPunk in space. The graphics, music, story, and gameplay all look really good from the demo that was out earlier this year.

  12. Ridge REALLY be trying to get their name out there in time for the holiday season. I think I've seen their wallets sponsored on like three completely different channels this week. heh. Well it's better than a bunch of ads from RAID SHADOW LEGENDS. lol