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Football defence is an Art 2023

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In this video, I’m excited to share with you The Legendary Art of Defense 2022/23, an art form that goes beyond the simple act of defeating an opponent. Defense requires the ability to neutralize the enemy so that they can no longer pose a threat. To be an expert in the art of defense, one must not only be able to strike the target, but also understand the target and predict its movements. This requires a deep understanding of the opponent and their tactics, as well as a constantly evolving approach.

The best defense is one that is fluid and adaptable, allowing you to react quickly to changing circumstances and find new ways to neutralize your opponent. To be a true artist in the art of defense, you must have a deep understanding of the principles and techniques involved and be dedicated to continuously learning and evolving. The art of defense is not just about hitting your target or killing your enemy, it’s about knowing your opponent and using your skills to incapacitate them. By staying ahead of the curve and continually improving your skills, you can become a master in the legendary art of defense.


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  1. 4:29
    Yo te digo que juego en defensa es complicadisimo hacer este tipo de defensas porque al ser pequeño no puedes esperezarse en un salto
    Y Townes Que hacerlo lo suficientemente bien para no meterte autogol

  2. Undoubtedly these are some world class defending examples, but the whole idea of defending can never match the art of strikers. Here, you are mainly throwing your body in the way of the ball or just being aggressive with your tackles, no disrespect but that's not even hard to do.

  3. Wtf, aquele lance do Neymar n é uma defesa incrível, é pênalti kkk o cara nem tocou na bola, tomou o drible e deixou a perna pra fazer a falta