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App & Software Technology

Coding My Own App Store – Day in the Life of a Software Engineer

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As a software engineer, one day I decided to take on a new challenge – building my own app store! This was no easy feat but I was up for the task. I spent countless hours coding and debugging, making sure every line was perfect.

I started by researching the various components that an app store should have – from a user-friendly interface to a secure payment system. I also looked into how app stores like Google Play and Apple’s App Store functioned and tried to incorporate the best features.

As I coded away, I encountered several obstacles and obstacles. But I persevered, using my problem-solving skills and creativity to overcome them. Before I knew it, my app store was taking shape and coming to life.

Finally, after many long days and nights, my app store was ready. I was filled with a sense of pride as I launched it and saw it in action. Users could easily search for and download their favorite apps, and developers could submit their own creations for others to enjoy.

It was a challenging but rewarding experience building my own app store. I learned so much about software engineering and about myself as a coder. And who knows, maybe one day my app store will be as successful as Google Play or Apple’s App Store.

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  1. I was addicted to games and I'd like to play them all day in fact I even did that! When I first watched your videos, I understood that what I was doing could ruin my life. So I decided to switch to coding and make a career in that cause I really liked coding since I was of 2 years! I had a toy laptop.You really made a big change in my life by helping me to delete the game I always used to play!
    Thanks a lot Thank you so much! Love you. ❤❤❤❤

  2. Hey Marko, amazing video as always. I noticed that you are able to quickly spilt your screen. Since I have to hold down the green button in order to split screen, so I wish to know if you change something in your setting. Thank you

  3. Awesome work, and cool video. Personally, I would not install an alternative “app store” just for a window manager. The GUI of an App Store is useful for discovering new apps and reading/writing reviews, but a package manager is better suited for… managing packages. I’d be thrilled to check out your WM if it was available on homebrew.

  4. Awesome vid and content as always, thanks for picking up on my comment! Look forward to what you come up with next 😉

  5. That plant floating there, should it be a little away from the computer ? I see that it uses magnets (I have one) and I'm kind of afraid for that beign close to any electronics

  6. Inspiring, even though I don’t know how you manage to do anything in an environment with so much distractions and on a small screen

  7. or you could have just created an updater let the rest of the non mac store apps do.

  8. Guys please, can anyone explain me why they're all talking in English. Why don't they speak norvegian ?

  9. That took quite some time to write an endpoint that inserts and queries the database😅 good job none the less!