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How Much I Spend In A Day Traveling | Ho Chi Minh (Saigon), Vietnam

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Overall I spend less money per day traveling than I do living full-time in Toronto! If you’re curious about what my budget is on an average day in South East Asia, check out this video of when I first arrived in Ho Chi Minh (formerly known as Saigon). This is a beautiful and vibrant city and I would highly recommend spending at least 3-4 days here when you are visiting Vietnam. Join me for a city tour, trying some delicious Vietnamese food and just exploring all there is to see!

*I use both of these companies depending on the destination and requirements of entry. If you are going to be abroad for a long time and/or don’t need as much coverage, I would recommend SafetyWing. But you cannot purchase SafetyWing WHILE in Canada or USA. You can only purchase once already abroad. Hey, Mondo is more expensive but offers a higher level of coverage including plans that have trip cancellation/interruption insurance. Hey, Mondo would be the better insurance to use if you need travel medical insurance when applying for a visa. Both companies cover covid. I am an affiliate for both companies, but I pay for my own policies.*


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Microphone: Rode Micro

Livestreaming Equipment: iPhone 11 and DJI OM


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  1. Many war refugees escaped by boats to pulau bidong Malaysia. I was old enough to remember. So I was not surprised when I met a pharmacist who came from unhcr pulau bidong when I was in canada long ago

  2. Teehee, love the way you munch. I remember passing thru Toronto, they got this buns, croissant, not bad actually.

  3. Usually in SE Asia, I am good with 40 CAD a day, buses and flights not included. It is also what I spent in Columbia last winter.

  4. I haven't been back to Vietnam since I left the country 30 something years ago, but I would like to visit one day. One thing I am very keen is to eat food which is so cheap when you compare to the West. I hope I can build a strong stomach to eat at the locals, not in a fancy restaurant or a chain restaurant. Thanks for making videos of Vietnam.

  5. Yes it's super to travel a lot 🙂.
    I'm traveling with discount 25% and more. Ask me how and let's open world together

  6. HI Alina, I'm watching your video and much appreciated when you was emotional to talked about our War time in the past.. I known, we are improving ourselves to have a good life in future and always welcoming foreigners like you to visit our country.

  7. It's so funny. We think alike. Many of the places you visited , the Restaurants, the Markets, the Wide Promenades( similar to that in Central France). The French Baguette with tasty meat and
    veggies. at a very affordable price., It's about what we spent a day. We enjoyed our time there too. Harriet and I walk away from the War Remembrance Museum with a new perspective of the Vietnam War. One of Hope and Peace in the World. Thank you, Alina, for allowing us to tag along. Sending you much love ❤❤❤ from Harriet, Jim and Yuki. Richmond, Va.

  8. What an awesome video Alina. Even though it was a little rainy it looks like you had a great day and had some good food and all at reasonable prices. I agree the museum would be a must see. Thank you so much for this video.

  9. I will tell you of what I experienced of the Vietnam War. Our father never kept us, his children, from seeing war scenes on TV. ( he worked for a consumer product company so he got TV's at a big discount) It was vivid but both the N Vietnamese and the S Vietnamese committed atrocities against each other. The USA added more atrocities on top of theirs. The war ended about 3 years before my high school graduation and 18th birthday. They announced it over the loud speaker and the whole school during class change erupted into a huge cheer. My swimming instructor volunteered rather than getting drafted and years later I found out that he disappeared after going to Vietnam. His body or information on him never surfaced. It was liked he just evaporated. ( MIA) Others returned in a box to their families. I met others a few years later while attending college only to find extremely confused and disoriented individuals. It is a war that still leaves me confused and questioning my government's actions today. The only thing that crosses my mind is that the Chinese have also dominated the Vietnamese and the two have never gotten along. Sooner or later the N Vietnamese were going to want to expel them from their society. Could we have assisted in this, which the USA government somewhat currently doing, in exchange for them not sending many in South Vietnam to re-education camps ( for death and or torture) & a more tolerant society? It is historically true that radical political regimes eventually moderate and disappear. Perhaps one government could moderate the harshness out of such a process in another government? It also enforces my belief of tolerance that exists or used to exist in N America. A belief that it is best not force another person to conform to my belief but to consider and work with others that are in disagreement with my own barring the surrending of key moral values. One should strive to bend like bamboo but not totally topple or break when it comes to morality.

  10. Alina – Another excellent effort. A general question: Am I correct that you seem to prefer the AirBnB experience rather than the hotel one? Personally, I enjoy the hotel experience when I travel and was curious as to whether you vote for apartment living? In any case, continue to enjoy your time in Vietnam. Steve

  11. Great choice! Huynh Hoa is the best Banh Mi I’ve ever had.

    I even had my friend fly back to San Francisco 😬with one (veggies separated). Toasted it up and tasted just like I remembered.

  12. brief and clear explanation about vietnam👍👍👍😊

  13. Hi alina very nice and informative video. You look so amazing and very beautiful…..im your avid fan from philippines….take care and be safe always….

  14. Dear Alina , I enjoy your videos very much and wish you only the best . However I could not watch past your description of Ho Chi Min as simply a prominent figure in the fight for independence of Viet Nam . I understand to be politically correct we must remain non political. The Viet Nam war was/is too painful and I will not comment further. Please enjoy your visit and stay safe

  15. Hello Alina new subscriber here I'm in long an can giouc I usually spend 3 or 4 months here then back to California and return here after few months long Vietnam and Thailand my parents were born in Canada 🇨🇦

  16. Hey alina McLeod nice gira to ho chi Minh nice , gente temperatura , lluvia , hotel room, mercado , shopping tiempo , recorrido seguro, ambiente sano , buena narracion y vos te miras bonita ! con tu cerveza

  17. Hello Alina! 😄🙏👋🌟 I hope your having a fantastic day! This is a wonderful excellent video! 😁👍❤️👏📹🇻🇳🥇💯💫✨🌟 The city of Ho Chi Minh looks amazing! Also the food at the restaurants and the Banh Mi sandwich looks really delicious! Thank you very much Alina to share with us this super marvelous video. You are the best and greatest world traveler adventurer! 😃👍👏✈️🌎📹🗺🥇🏆💯💫✨🌟 I wish you Alina a wonderful marvelous excellent blessed day. Take care and be safe Alina. Enjoy your visit in Vietnam! 😊🙏❤️👋🇻🇳👍✨🌟

  18. You are converting into US dollars and I’m sat here watching you with my currency converter app converting US dollars into pounds sterling as I’m in the UK.

  19. Hi Alina,
    this video reminded me of the amazing food, I had in Vietnam.
    9:25 Pro food vloggers perspective 🙂 What a gigantic sandwich!
    Objects next to the camera tend to seem extra large in comparison to objects which are further away.

    As you mentioned, You plan to go to Japan. Please add Hiroshima to the list of destinations and also visit the peace park and the museum there.

    Regarding the amount I spend on travels, I guess it would be more then Your expenses, because as of not being a full time traveller, I also would add some amount for the flights.
    Best Regards, Ralf