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Eliminate the Pink sauce Controversy | How To Cook

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Hi, How to Cook That is my website, filled with crazy sweet creations made just for you. Join me for creative cakes, chocolate & desserts, and a new video every Friday. Today we’re going to debunk some hype and hate surrounding the Pink Sauce controversy.

What’s Pink Sauce?

Pink Sauce is a pink-colored dipping sauce created by a private chef and TikTok user @chef.pii.                                              The sauce went viral (especially on TikTok) in the summer of 2022 with over 500 million views on the #pinksauce hashtag.

TikTok user @chef.pii (real name Veronica Shaw) announced the creation of the Pink Sauce via TikTok on June 11, 2022.  Notably, the featured bottle was in a more purplish tone than what was released to the public. The product went on sale on July 1, 2022, and sold out sometime around August 3, 2022.

Dave’s Gourmet, the company that produces sauce featured in Hot Ones, partnered with Veronica and reformulated the recipe. There were plans to sell the sauce in retail stores in the fall of 2022.

According to chef.pii, the sauce contained sunflower seed oil, pitaya (dragonfruit), raw honey, milk, and garlic.


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  1. How about listening to an actual food scientist on this issue instead of random YouTubers. This is why I love Mrs Reardon. She has nothing to gain or lose by doing this but she lays out the facts. I see someone who is genuine and genuinely cares about the truth and she also uses her educational background as a food scientist to sift through the rubbish and get us closer to what is reasonably. I mean, she actually did an experiment to show us what is possible. Mrs. Reardon you are just amazing! I’m glad you made a video about this. WE LOVE YOU ANN!

  2. Imagine being mad that Ann’s debunking didn’t go the way you wanted to just because you hate a inexperienced business owner that you were never going to purchase from 😂

  3. I remember watching one video that was talking about how it needed to be sent in refrigeration but like… it's a condiment and the whole ass condiment aisle isn't refrigerated

  4. You didn't do enough for this video, no mention of the mix of raw honey milk citric acid and distilled vinegar. No mention of the shipping and the controversy was also on how chef pi was acting, she was outrageous

  5. So what was in the sauce to match the ingredients listed to the fda food facts.

  6. For all the people saying it was shipped without refrigeration. Mayo sits on store shelves for weeks – no refrigeration. This doesn't even contain mayo or eggs. As long as there's an airtight seal, it's fine to ship unrefrigerated. As for the pink color getting lighter. Dragonfruit powder is expensive. If she reduced the powder to save cost, she should just add some food grade pink food coloring (like the stuff in cake icing), save money, and everyone's happy with their bright pink sauce again.

  7. They destroyed that girls business and even for the hopes for a re-launch. Watch another company come butter off her idea.

  8. As both a scientist and the daughter of a chef that didn't go to formal culinary school (just schooling for cakes and chocolate and a lot of time spent experimenting and learning), I appreciate this explanation very much. The scientific way that you went about in disproving many of the things that were said without any real evidence towards that sauce helped clear up so many hearsay misunderstandings. I even learned about emulsifiers, which I never really understood before! Thank you for this. ❤

    I think people need to leave her alone, already. She's a chef, not a charismatic public relations representative…she's just making something unique to sell to people who might be interested, as any person with what they perceive to be a good idea would do.

  9. Mixologist does not mean Chef, those are two different fields. Mixologist only deals with drinks and the Chef not only has to be able to do multiple cooking styles, but also food safety. She didn't know what FDA stood for before shipping her unstable product across state lines, and she didn't even pack it with ice packs. She attacked anyone that questioned her product, while trying to look like the victim. I wonder if she even had a business license.

  10. Summary for people who didn't watch the whole thing: the chef lady has a bad attitude and is kind of a shady character. She made tons of newbie mistakes in starting up her business that made it seem worse. But the most important thing is none of the accusations of the sauce being dangerous are true, it is all either hype/clickbait to capitalize on her viral product or people not doing good enough scientific research to come to a factually sound conclusion. Unlike Ann who did it properly.

  11. I L♡VE how fair you are!! XO I do however agree with her reaction to Allie ‐ she claimed she was going to test it but never released the results & Allie truly should've contacted Chef Pii ‐ who's obviously very busy & I believe that's why she told Allie she's not special. Cos Allie truly thought this very busy woman was supposed to contact her out of soooo many people creating such a huge hullabaloo over a stupid condiment.
    So again ‐ I agree with 99٪ of all you said, but in my opinion (having once ran a business for 17 years) – people who cater too much to all customers ‐ particularly those with unreasonable demands • is how we wound up with disrespectful anti‐mask Karens (but thats just my opinion ‐ & yours is also valid Anne obviously).
    Anyhow, thanks for all this ‐ I'd never even heard of all this sauce stuff but now I know how to emulsify❤❤

  12. No she is not special. She used Pink Sauce for likes, while claiming she was going to send it in for testing, but didn't do it correctly. The only reason she went on that talk show was, again for likes. She is not special. Chef Pi had every right to call her on it. Standing up for oneself does not make one unprofessional.

  13. Thank you for explaining everything. I've only heard of pink sauce, but never knew about the controversy. Hopefully your investigative review makes it's way to lots of viewers, so here's my comment with a like 👍.
    BTW dragon fruit being an emulsifier is really cool.

  14. I downloaded June's Journey with your link and completed the tutorial but didn't receive anything. Anyone know if there's something else I'm suppose to do?

  15. Oof it be University of North Carolina fr 💀
    Also I appreciate how you broke this down. As an American my issue with the sauce is that nutrition label is usually issued (at least in my understanding) by the FDA. I get that a lot of people are wary of the FDA but they are an accreditation that has the resources to test if products are safe for consumption. I think the poor girl could have saved defamation and drama by going a more professional, commercial route to go largescale, as she is now. I think this whole situation showed 1) people will do anything and clown anyone to get internet clout (that guy who faked his own death actually boiled my blood he just LIED for no reason)
    2) Patience and thinking things through is the way to go when providing a food product or service. When developing a food related company, the low, slow, safe approach is best.

  16. The thing is I love that you did this video, you showed that yes the label and shipping and her professionalism is wrong but the sauce in itself is a perfectly fine sauce. There's legit nothing wrong with the actual product she produces. Which is what alot of people genuinely wanted to know.

  17. I think any stupidity on the part of the creator of this sauce, and most of her critics, can be summed up by one word:


    (After listening to that Food Theorist guy, he counts as an honorary tiktoker)

    Me? My biggest issue is that the sauce looks disgusting. Like putting pepto bismol or germolene on your chicken wings.

    (Also: neither of them are special. Attention grubbers, the lot of them.)

  18. There are a lot of manufacturers willing to make a drink or sauce. It will cost a few thousand dollars or so to get it formulated and produced. Per unit cost will be high until you get enough orders for bulk pricing. You will have to do all the sales and marketing yourself. You won't get rich doing this but you could make a nice living if your product isn't a total dud.