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Two new way stitches to improve your Leathercraft

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Two new stitches to improve your leatherworking

On every leathercraft product we do, we often utilize the saddle stitch, but there are other stitching techniques you may employ to give your creations a wide range of new shapes! In this video, we demonstrate how to create a leather pen cup using the Butt Joint and the Box Joint. Using these stitches, you can attach the leather at right angles or completely flat without any overlap to create 3-dimensional leathercraft creations. They take some practice to get down, but once you do, they’re well worth it!



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  1. very nice demonstration of leather stitching! this will be helpful for me, as i am planing to make similar cylinders out of leather to use as sectional walking stick holders when they are disassembled. its one of two ideas for such a holder than i want to try and make. with the other being more like a tool wrap with some sort of clip lath to close, and both with some sort of shoulder strap or belt loop to secure with while in use. in any case though, i am more confident in being able to make them now that i have another nice video tutorial to watch and follow along with when designing my project idea. so thanks =)

  2. It is quite amazing how much changes in a year. 1. the pounding board is now black and made of a different substance. 2. you are now using your own Buckleguy stitching chisels. 3. Ritza 25 > Maine threads. 4. The studio. What else am I missing?

  3. спасибо, за подробное и качественное обучающее видео, учусь у вас, привет из России!

  4. I do have a question please. You said hot stuffed leather. Is it a veg tan that is already dyed? If so, do I need to apply a top finish to the leather? I have always used unfinished reg veg tan, so I am curious what you are using. It might save me much time if I knew what to look for and where.
    Thank you again for this learning experience

  5. I have been avoiding this video for abit but I finally sat down to watch it. I've only been in this craft for a just over year so I have taken the time to master the saddle stitch first (That I initially learned from your channel). I am pretty confident now when I say I can pull off these two new stitches. You explain everything so clearly, and with what I have learned from the channel in the past; everything just made sense, I didn't find myself having to rewind the video at all.

  6. Your leather awl looks long, thin, and highly efficient. Can you do a video showing how to get one in that condition from the purchased ones that seem to flare out too much 'fat'. It frustrates me that they don't come the way you want them to … but maybe I got mine from a cheap source? Help!!

  7. Looks great.
    I do wonder why not punch the same amount of holes on both pieces for the bottom joint? Thanks.

  8. The algorithm just lead me to this channel, 20 hours ago, and i ordered my first cheap starter-tool-kit and 1kg of left-over scraps of leather to give it a go. Man i'm so excited!

  9. Never done any leather work before but am planning on making a couple o9of small leather sheaths around my macaw's harness. Even though they are supposed to be virtually indestructable he is already on his second one in less than a year as he chews through the stitched parts!! (nightmare and expensive!) Son gonna have a go following your butt stitch technique using thick leather scraps from Etsy. Thank you for making your video so clear – all the others assume prior knowledge, are sped up and have awful music!! Will let you know how I get on!! 🙂 x