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Discovering Iceland’s Natural Wonders and Hospitality: An Unforgettable Travel Adventure

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I really hope you enjoyed this vlog. I know it was a lot different from my regular content but I hope you got a little escape from it and enjoyed the trip with me. Appreciate you guys so much!

Iceland is a unique and stunning travel destination that has become increasingly popular in recent years. From its majestic glaciers to its bubbling hot springs, Iceland offers an unparalleled experience for travelers seeking adventure and natural beauty. In this travel vlog, we will explore the highlights of my Iceland experience and offer tips and insights for those considering a trip to this incredible country.

Our journey begins in Reykjavik, the capital city of Iceland. Reykjavik is a charming and colorful city with a rich cultural heritage. We explore the city’s iconic landmarks, including the Hallgrimskirkja church and the Harpa concert hall. We also visit the National Museum of Iceland, which offers a fascinating look at the country’s history and culture.

After spending a day in Reykjavik, we set out to explore the Icelandic countryside. One of the highlights of our trip is the Golden Circle, a popular tourist route that takes visitors to some of Iceland’s most famous natural attractions. We visit the Thingvellir National Park, where visitors can see the continental drift between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. We also visit the Geysir hot spring area, where we see the famous geyser Strokkur erupting every few minutes, and the Gullfoss waterfall, one of Iceland’s most impressive waterfalls.

Another must-see destination in Iceland is the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon. This stunning lagoon is filled with icebergs that have calved off of the nearby Breiðamerkurjökull glacier. Visitors can take boat tours to get up close and personal with the icebergs and witness the glacier’s ever-changing landscape. We also visit the nearby Diamond Beach, where icebergs that have washed up on the shore glitter like diamonds in the sunlight.

One of the most unique experiences of our Iceland trip is visiting the Vatnajökull glacier. We take a guided tour that leads us through the glacier’s stunning ice caves, where we marvel at the blue ice formations and learn about the glacier’s history and formation. The experience is truly unforgettable, and we highly recommend it to anyone visiting Iceland.

In addition to its natural wonders, Iceland is also known for its delicious food and drink. We sample local delicacies like skyr, a type of Icelandic yogurt, and traditional lamb dishes. We also visit a local brewery to try some of Iceland’s famous craft beers and learn about the country’s burgeoning beer scene.

Throughout our trip, we are struck by the warmth and hospitality of the Icelandic people. Despite the country’s harsh climate and isolation, Icelanders are friendly and welcoming to visitors. We also learn about the country’s commitment to sustainable tourism, with many businesses and attractions focused on preserving Iceland’s natural beauty and minimizing their environmental impact.

In conclusion, our Iceland experience is an unforgettable journey through a land of fire and ice. From the vibrant streets of Reykjavik to the stunning glaciers and waterfalls of the Icelandic countryside, we are constantly amazed by the country’s beauty and hospitality. We hope this travel vlog inspires others to visit Iceland and discover its many wonders for themselves.

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  2. IDk about others, but even if i enjoy every single video, the vlogs are the most memorable to me. It's just so cozy all the time. Thanks so much!

  3. Do you know that when the northern lights are very strong they can go pinky purple and I went to Iceland 🇮🇸 and a Iceland is in Iceland

  4. This was amazing to watch..thank you for sharing such a beautiful experience with us. ❤❤

  5. Kris you are so beautiful!! I love how you didnt just do this for you but for us too, this truly made my day! ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  6. The sky views are so beautiful ❤️💗❤️💗❤️💗 It all looks so absolutely amazing!!!! I've actually never traveled anywhere for vacation, to be honest my vacations are always spent at home😅 . I would love to one day see that place and Scotland 💗❤️💗❤️

  7. I've never seen this video until now, I have been following you for a long time. I wanted to hug you the entire video, you are a brave person. Kinda helped me with an issue I have been having since this years started, sverything is going the wrong way and I have all this… Dark thoughts… That im not proud of but listening to you helped me… Keep doing what you do and making people happy. We are all with you ❤

  8. I used to love to travel, and in most cases travel by myself. Not anymore, I'm nearly wheelchair bound due to severe arthritis. Being in constant pain from day to day, makes even the shortest of excursions practically unenjoyable 😢😢. When I go on vacation with my friends, they're all off doing fun things, and I'm stuck back at the cabin or hotel by myself (which I absolutely don't mind), with nothing to do.

  9. when i went to iceland i went to the image at 0:30 also!! it was a very fun trip from what i remember

  10. I watched before but needed a mental Vaca. I have been moving and physically and mentally exhausted. Thanks much love and may God continue to bless you Kris and show favor in your career above and beyond. U have helped me with such laughter. I appreciate that you do not cuss every other word. ❤😂

  11. This is perfect. I hope Kris gets to take more vacations soon – and take us along on some of them 😊


  13. You’re such a beautiful soul 🥺 Bless you! You deserve to have vacations and time to relax! I hope this was a great trip for you!! it’s good to get out & see the world ❤️ You don’t owe us anything ever, esp from a personal adventure.. so thank you for sharing the experience! 🥰

  14. My favourite video of yours Kris. The pure joy on your face & the great tour of Iceland was awesome. Your next visit should be to Australian. Amazing food, fantastic people & lots of fantastic sights to see.

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