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With the help of this new extended-length drone video by Nature RelaxationTM, soar over several of the most stunning natural paradises for SEVEN FULL HOURS of unique ambient relaxation in the AppleTV style. Every scene is distinct; this isn’t simply a 15-minute loop that lasts 7 hours! With the help of soothing ambient music, “Earth From Above” viewers will see stunning 4K vistas of far-off locales including Norway, Maui, Fiji, the Spanish Islands, Banff, Alberta, California, and Australia’s southern beaches. This movie, which has a similar aesthetic to the AppleTV screensavers by default, was made to be watched nonstop all day long and to help you go sleep. Every 20 to 30 minutes, the places of the musical score and landscape change gracefully.



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  1. I'm currently experiencing a deep isolation because of the pandemic , a rarely see outside and my mind feels like it's full of smoke that I can't barely breathe and thought I might get mental problem, so I prayed and finally decided to write down these thoughts,release these emotions, and watch videos like this because nature gives life for me.

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