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Future Technology: The World in 2050

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The Future Technology of the World in 2050

Join me as we explore 2050, from items in the air to new things for our bodies: What Technology Would Be Used In The Future?
If we’re being honest with ourselves, technology is quite sophisticated and we’re making advancements that might push things even further. It’s the year 2020. Cars now are significantly safer than they were ten years ago, and we’re even developing electric vehicles that might benefit the environment.

The future of transportation is quite exciting since there are even plans for self-driving vehicles and even self-driving Ubers. And that’s only ONE of the technologies we’re developing quickly. What about the rest of the people out there? How will technology change as the year 2050 approaches?
Let’s start with drones, which might very well happen very soon.
Let’s stick with transportation for the time being. Train travel is now one of the most popular methods to travel inside the nations where we reside. Trains transport people and other types of freight effectively and dependably, which is why they have been in use for hundreds of years.

Even though trains are, in some aspects, dependable and efficient, they aren’t very quick. Particularly with relation to passenger and freight trains. They may travel LONG distances, thus there are occasions when it makes more sense to use other forms of transportation.
Because of this, manufacturers are creating unique trains with far greater speeds. You’re probably familiar with Japan’s magnetic trains, but innovations like the V. Hyperloop are attempting to take things even further. The hyperloop vehicle is filled with passengers or freight and then progressively accelerates through a low-pressure tube using electric power. The vehicle uses magnetic levitation to hover above the track and flies for long distances at airline speeds with very minimal aerodynamic drag.

The first Hyperloop vehicle has not yet been tested or confirmed, and several bigger tests are planned over the next few years. Additionally, if this is successful, crossing the nation will take much less time. how much quicker The hyperloop intends to propel passengers through the tubes they create at a speed of around 600 mph.

We’ve had some enjoyable ones, but let’s now go even farther down the rabbit hole and discuss the ones we all dread.

A.I. Yes, artificial intelligence, and regardless of your perspective, people are working hard to make it a reality soon. Since Watson is so intelligent, they could defeat two Jeopardy Legends. AIs are virtually everywhere, even in your automobiles and your house through gadgets like Alexa (which are in fact types of AI).

Many people tend to believe that Mars is the location where we may go to dwell among the stars. And many believe that by 2030 at the latest, we could not only have colonized Mars, but also have frequent shuttles fly there so that people may see the red planet for themselves (barring delays, accidents, and other things obviously).

The first step will be for humans to go to Mars, after which robots would carry out some fundamental tasks like producing raw materials there, according to Pearson. There is a limit to how much can be sent into space, therefore we will have to do that.
Of course, there are a lot of details to iron out before anything like that could happen, but we have “Top Men” on this, including Elon Musk and his Space X initiative, Jeff Bezos with his Blue Origin business, and others.

Now let’s go into something science fiction—prosthetics. Yes, I am aware of how restricted and sometimes meaningless prostheses are right now. The sky is the limit, however, IF we can fully use computer technology and create prostheses that are perfectly compatible with the human body and brain. We could live in a time when cyborgs are not just acceptable but even typical.

Imagine if the clothing you are wearing right now could do additional tasks while yet feeling and looking the same. Your clothing may eventually be infused with numerous materials or technologies that help you increase your strength, durability, and other qualities as nanotechnology develop.
If virtual reality simulations work as expected, it might result in a variety of classroom improvements that could assist students to understand what is happening.



Creative way of painting with only ONE COLOR (this session just BLUE)

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  1. Credit that WSJ reporter that got arrested. Good chance big boom in tech workers. Depends on how it quickly it gets managed mainstream. Could get managed before 2024. Construction, Autos, Bicycles, Chemistry, etc. Also, Computer Coding will end up more essential learning. More interest working on NASA equipment. I don't get into K to 12 policies. Policy suggests every student working in a high school chemistry class to take pictures of each say 5 to 15 steps. School district publishing each student a picture paper book of the pictures of the chemistry work they did. Maybe 4 to 5 books if did 4 to 5 experiments. STEM high schools probably more other topics. They get into things like working on computers. Each student 25 to 100 paper books on each STEM topic worked on by time out of school. Students get out of school routine paper books of pictures of auto, bicycles, construction, iphone app code, etc.

  2. Just proves how delusional Elon Musk is if he really believes that Mars will be colonized by 2050 😂😂

  3. Drone delivery is cute and all, but commercial delivery will eventually be regulated with specific flight paths. Delivery will be “faster” than trucks, but I bet congestion will still happen in high demand areas.

  4. Изумите че на инат Од супескотничните мисли кои че почнат во двизенето на обич о кеса со сколиколлната очна светила си стварат илошка копутерка оска на сетила та мъртвите нивите кива чеселиони сами че отворят. Не казувам

  5. One thing to note is that literally everything in this video is being actively worked on right now. What's fascinating is to consider the things that we haven't even thought about – the types of inventions that are likely to arise out of some newfound problem that has yet to show up.

  6. Haven't you heard? 2050 will be the last year, at that time the abekfjawenlgknelkgaw has made things to… as they want it, that every year will be 2050. Happy 2050 is every new years

  7. That’s cute but things will not be near that by 2050
    Cities will look the same and hardly have any new structures most of which will look plain not futuristic

    Traffic will not be hovering in the air
    The truth will be exposed about Electric cars forcing the industry to go back to fossil fuel dominance
    And hydrogen cars will take off

    What will happen is the freedoms we have today and in the previous century will be obsolete because people are too easily manipulated
    Right under your noses we will end up in a far more strict faction divided society
    With a one world government.
    If I had to describe it in 3 movies society will be much like iRobot, the hunger games and in time when a few wake up the divergent series

  8. This looks like that video that came out in 1960 that's talking about the future technology: flying cars, yet in 2022 it still has not happened. However, I think the drone one is probable. I could imagine young people in 2070, stressing out and sighing while looking at the sky and seeing drones flying everywhere delivering packages and food. It could be chaotic, couldn't it? Just like a traffic jam in the sky. Then they would say something like, "Jeez, I miss the 2020s era when people still could look at the beautiful sky without these freaking annoying drones." lol😂

  9. I kinda feel like all this stuff are cool and needed for ex. good prostetics for disabled people, but like depression and mental health issues are crucial for quality living too. Having best things surrounding us, computers, AI, but feeling unhappy inside is not what we're looking for, and unfortunately more and more people have depression in well developped countries. So I hope alongside with tech developpment, which is super exiting, we can pay similar attention to our mental wellbeing 🙂

  10. They never tell you the bad parts about the future because they're selling it. The predictions are always wrong. One thing is for certain the future will have no shortage of fat guys trying to put their fingers in your pie.

  11. It was funny your example of nanotech was about putting it in clothing to give us superpowers. Nanobots will enable us to do anything innately. Breathe underwater. Survive in space. Run and not get tired. You will augment yourself to do these things not purchase clothing lol. Everyone interested in this stuff should read The Singularity by Ray Kurzweil. Futurist with 86% correct predictions since the 80's. This entire video was short-sighted.

  12. The film does not show the Future Technology, but only to day's technology a little developed. Future has totally NEW items and sectors of development. a. all housing disappears. b. Houses become living things. Growing like weeds. e. Antigravity makes spacetravel easy. d. Enormous changes in psychology. Everybody drugged. Etc.