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Creative way of painting with only ONE COLOR (this session just BLUE)

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Ways to paint with only one color

There are several styles of paintings. The styles and methods used may have a significant influence on how an artwork looks. Painting with one color is one of such trends. There is just one color used in these artworks. Although the one hue may be any other, the picture is made effectively thanks to its many tints. A single hue and all of its shades may be used to create a wide variety of effects.

These pieces of art are appealing because of their simplicity. Additionally, using the approaches correctly will help you get better results. You should decide what type of artwork you’ll be doing before you start. You can be producing a realistic or an abstract artwork. However, it is advised to utilize an item or picture as an inspiration if you are doing a one-color painting for the first time. You’ll find it simpler to complete the assignment if you have a reference picture.

This does not imply that with just one color, you cannot produce an abstract picture. You too can produce abstract art, but it will take some practice.

Establish a Gradient

You must first make a gradient using the same color as the background. You may start by selecting one of the main colors. Red, yellow, and blue are the three basic hues. To get the color’s lighter hues, you must combine it with white. To guarantee you have a enough supply of that colour, remember to build mixes of substantial sizes. This is true since it will be hard for you to subsequently get the precise hue.

The color may be used with white to make three to four distinct mixes. In this manner, you will have 4 to 5 distinct hues, including the color’s original tone. After that, you may start working on the artwork.

Utilize a Simple Image

Use a straightforward illustration as a point of reference. A picture with a lot of detail would be too difficult for this challenge. If you like, you may also choose a landscape. The reference picture will be used as inspiration; it is not required that you paint the same item exactly as it appears in the reference image. You may draw the item in rough forms so you have something to work with.

When you have a preliminary drawing that is prepared for work, you should label the sections with a number or name to indicate the shade that will be applied there. The many tones might be confusing, so you should concentrate on how the colors are applied initially. You’ll be able to finish the painting effectively if you do it this manner.

Finish the artwork

You may begin working on the painting after you have chosen the color location and blended the various colours. Since everything has been planned out, you won’t need to worry about the outcome as well.


Paintings with a single hue offer unique features. They seem simple but appealing. You should have benefitted from the aforementioned advice.


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