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7 Games That Are Copycats But Are Actually Original

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Every now and again, a game comes along that is so brilliant and unique that it leaves us speechless. Sometimes, however, such games completely copy a concept from a prior, far less well-liked, and more unsuccessful game, whether unintentionally or on purpose. You have a good intellect; it would be unfortunate if someone managed to boggle it with seven games that were hailed for their groundbreaking uniqueness but were really enormous ripoffs. Enjoy, and be sure to subscribe to Outside Xbox for more Thursday-related content like this!


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  1. The theme of the video is rip off games that did better than the original, you mention Midi Maze, and then don't follow up with Faceball 2000 even in passing?

  2. Okay, this list was generally good, and yes, CoD was much more successful than MoH, but what an outlier in this video. MoH is legendary. It's the godfather of well made war games.

    I'm not old, am I??

  3. Pretty sure Utopia inspired another game before sim city. Metal Knights, it was a lot like utopia was described just with graphical upgrades from being on Win 95/98.

  4. 16:35 liking and subscribing helps in the algorithms, which brings in ad revenue, which makes your company being able to pay your salary, which allows you to buy food. So yes, you actually do ask it for the good of your health 😛

  5. You just kinda lumped games of the same genre together with exception being the rocket league entry because the only difference they have is now there are money draining season passes and cosmetics

  6. not so much a rip off, but many people don’t know that the Persona Series is a spin off of the Shin Megami Tensei series

  7. Casually forgets Medal of Honor had a 2020 release. Or maybe no one on the team knew. I'm sure most people watching this didn't, either.
    That RE movie isn't good, but the soundtrack is.

  8. Regarding Capcom and Id Software's games, I'm struck with a conundrum. Is it even possible for a developer to rip off itself?

  9. Also very similar to Rocket League was 1990's PROJECTYLE, developed by Eldritch the Cat and published by Electronic Arts for the Amiga and Atari ST. It was a top-down futuristic soccer game where three teams played at once, with each team controlling floating discs bumping a ball around a pitch made up of five different areas (the kick off area, an area for each team's goal, and a fifth area that had all teams' goals). It also had the honour of predicting cats riding roombas long before either of those things existed.

  10. Those death match smile faces remind me of the old school Walmart mascot, or I guess it could be the other way.

  11. "It's difficult to imagine a world before the call of duty serie"

    Well I guess it's difficult for more and more people as time passes, but when you were born before said serie it's not imagining, it's just remembering. As for imagining a wolrd without call of duty at all it's not difficult for me as I never played any game of the franchise to the point it took me years to make the connection with the COD abreviation.

  12. No More Heroes belongs on this list too. It’s an arcadey beat-em-up leading to an ensemble of over-the-top crime bosses, starring a sarcastic, spiky-haired Cool Guy…just like God Hand before it, minus God Hand’s innovative moveset customization. Twice the sass, none of the substance.

  13. Check out the game Snipes that came out in 1983. Playable on Novell Netware systems. I don't recall the player limit, but it's at least 8