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How to Unlock Orion Camo and Skip Guns in MW2 (2023)

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talking about how you guys can skip the MW2 Mastery Camo grind for the Orion Camo and Polyatomic Camo. I hope these hints and techniques prove useful.

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  1. Thanks! This is definitely going to save me time. i've been dreading my launchers, haven't even leveled them up yet!

  2. So could i technically get the chimera gold and the victus xmr I dont need to get the knife and riot shield gold?

  3. Ai did riot shield 🛡 and knife 🗡 dear are 4 knife ai dit 4 smg platinum and ai did ol laungers platinum ai don't must doe ol smg way not dear are 4 knife 🗡 ai dit 4 smg now 1 snipper is don now starting with lmgs ai won't to gif a tip start wit handcannen shotguns and smg way you Kan do olle de long shots its very easy smg are lidel hard

  4. Why do my longshots not count? I have 47/51 weapons complete and it literally will not count my long shots.. please don't tell me I gotta do the launchers now🤦

  5. I have been working on long shots with the bas p. Will the long shots be tracked? Bc apparently I haven’t gotten any when I should be at like 10 or 15 at least 😢

  6. I’m using the bas b too skip the riot shield cuz 3 hits for a kill is impossible for me

  7. Lmao i realized this while grinding launchers and now there is enough dlc weapons to skip launchers completely

  8. My long shots aren’t tracking on one of my snipers I got 4/4 snipers gold it’s the extra one I have not but the platinum challenge says I can go for long shots any fix ?

  9. Bro the new guns don’t count towards my polyatomic I have 43 platinums and it says 41 (m13 and bas p)

  10. Doesn't take a genius to work this strategy out. Why YouTube put this in my recommendations is beyond me.

  11. Now this was some helpful ass info… Seeing that I stopped playing MW2 because im on the JOKR and waiting for Double WeaponXP… Now I'll just Unock the new weapons. Thanks man!

  12. Seen this vid a week after it dropped but I just tried this for poly on my m13 and it don’t work maybe it was patched maybe ur a fraud idk but I wasted 2 games of my life lol

  13. When shipment drops thats when the launcher challenges are so easy, I did the damascus grind and did all 4 launchers in shipment.. Thanks for the tips man!! Gonna need them cause I'm busy eith the grind. Only got the MP game last week

  14. So I have all gold except launchers, fennel m13 and victus xmr. The longshots are not contributing towards platinum even though the requirement for platinum challenge is satisfied and checked. In other words it looks like I'll have to get gold on those "extra guns" in order to get platinum…

  15. This will bug out camos for all the unused weapons. My victus poly challenge is bugged and my SPX platinum is bugged yet I have Orion.

  16. for me it didnt work i had snipes already plat wanted to skip gold victus it didnt count any longshots untill i unlock gold camo

  17. This worked for my smgs bbut not for my ARs and Snipers. Have all my snipers gold but the challenge isnt tracking for my Victus. Nor is it working on the M13.

  18. my longshots arent counting on my m13b.. got all 8 assault rifles done, just doesnt want to progress when getting longshots.. sweet

  19. this is patched (unless, my victus is 22/28 lvl and i didnt get my long shots) all my other snipers are plat

  20. after i got 51 platinum weapons the longshots for my PDSW and fennec just stopped tracking and went straight to headshots, but for some reason my bas-p just isnt tracking longshots nor headshots. kinda strange