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High-Intensity Cardio & Lower Body Workout for 25 Minutes at Victoria Sport

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Lacking time? You don’t need any equipment for this fast and efficient lower-body burn from Victoria Sport ambassador Lita Lewis. You can jet, set, and tone anywhere you choose by combining complex and plyometric movements to burn fat and tone your lower body.

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  1. حاليا فعلت معك هذا التمرين وقد تعرقت كثيرا وكنها تمطر علي ممتاز وشكرا لك انا من العراق سوف أفعله كل خميس ان شاء الله تحياتي لكم يا فتيات 🌷🌹🇮🇶

  2. I don't know if anyone noticed but our leader's knees were buckling in during the jump squats. Something you don't want to happen while doing squats of any kind

  3. Im pretty jacked as if for my legs so this workout was little easy peesy, great for rest days;)